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The orientation day for freshman has come !


In September 1St2018, the orientation for freshman was initiated in Guangming School of Journalism and Communication. Vice president of Guangming School Yao Zejin and Liu Xuzhou , vice secretary of the Party Committee Yin Weizhi, Secretary of the League Committee Hu Mengyao, counselor Kangdan and teacher Zu Hao came to the welcome center for working guidance.

Seven o’clock in the morning, the students of the Student Union started their busy yard work smoothly and orderly in expect of welcoming the new students with more enthusiasm.at nearly twelve o’clock, CUPL’sSecretary of the Party Committee Hu Ming , President Huang Jin, Vice-Secretary and Vice-President Chang Baoguo came to visit the welcome center . They warmly greeted the working staff and took photos with one of the new students Li yifan. They hoped all the freshman could adapt to college life as soon as possible and lay a good foundation for their future.

In this year, the Students Union improved their‘One to One’service by virtue ofensuring each freshmen was guiled and accompanied by an senior student through all procedures including admission, registration, physical examination , dormitory check-in and so on. One freshman expressed his appreciation to the seniors who helped a lot : " They are well- prepared, enthusiastic and responsible. Thanks for everything!"

In the afternoon, counselor Kang Dan and Teacher Zu Hao paid a visit to the freshman dormitory. They took conversations with the new students and their parents, encouraging them to face their campus lifepositively and actively.

According to the information provided by Student department, the freshmen of Guangming School came from 27 provincial administrative regions. During the Orientation, each the freshmen had left their feelings and longings for lives near the welcome center. These records will be edited "the first impression of CUPL" and finally be presented in their graduation ceremony four years later.

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