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School Organizations and Leadership


PresidentShen Weixing

SecretaryShang Wu

Vice secretary: Yin Weizhi

Vice president: Yao Zejin

Vice presidentLiu Xuzhou



 Departments of Research Institute


Director of Journalism Research InstituteMeng Ying

Vice Director of Journalism Research InstituteXu Yaping, Liu Shuangqing

Director of Communication Research InstituteWang Tianzheng

Vice Director of Communication Research InstituteZhang Hongwei, Deng Li, Nie Shujiang

Director of Internet and New Meida Research Institute: Zheng Manning

Vice Director of Internet and New Meida Research Institute: Huang Jin, Cui Kai, Yang Ming



Director of New Media LaboratoryYang Ming


Departments of Acadamy

non-registered organizations :


Director of Jural News Research CenterLiu Bi

Director of Media and Cultural Industry Research Center: Ju Honglei

Director of Communication Law Research Center: Yao Zejin; Executive Director: Xu Xun

Director of Jural Communication Research Center: Yao Guangyi

Director of Political and Jural Communication and Public Opinion Research Center: Liu Xuzhou


Innovation Center of News Communication and Law

Chairman: Huang Jin

General Secretary: Liu Bin

School Academic Committee

Chairman: Lu Xiaohua

General Secretary: Yao Zejin


Institute of Ming Zheng Think Tank

President: Lu Xiaohua, Shen Weixing;

Standing Vice President: Liu Bin


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