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International Courses

In order to implement the "international curriculum" in CUPL university, construction, enhancing cooperation with foreign universities and promote the international teaching level, Since July 2018, Guangming School has employed John W. Howard, Li Wen, Shen Fei and Rui Rui to offer the following international courses:


Professor John W. Howard from the University of East Carolina offers Computer Communication. This course covers all aspects of communication in digital environment including interpersonal interaction, mass media, advertising, social networks and organizational environments. At the same time, efforts will be made to understand cultural, political, legal issues in light of information and technology.

Senior Lecturer Li Wen of Hong Kong Baptist University offers the course "Practice of Media Management in the BBC" for students who want to know the theoretical framework and practical development of media management in Western media organizations. The course introduces current media management theories and primary take BBC as an example to analyze its daily practice.

Shen Fei, an associate professor at City University of Hong Kong, offers the course Social Media and Social Network Analysis. This course aims to help students understand the communication process and social media from a "network perspective". Through individual assignments, group projects and discussions, students will independently complete the tasks of collecting, visualizing and analyzing network data.

Assistant Professor Rui Rui, from Rama University, has offered the course "Interpersonal and Social Impact of New Media", which includes seven parts: (1) Communication Model of New Media, (2) New Media and Self-Presentation, (3) Interpersonal Communication Model in the Context of New Media, (4) New Media and Social Support, (5) Impact of New Media on Human Behavior, (6) Usage and promotion of  New Media, (7) The influence of new media on social structure. Through this course, students will know the frontier theories and ideas on new media, and dialectically understand the impact of new media in contemporary society.



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