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Off-campus teaching base



法制日报社 Legal Daily 

新闻出版社  China Press And Publication 

北京青年 报社 Beijing Youth Daily

正义网 Zhengyi.Com

千龙网 Qianlong.Com

精品购物指南报社 Shopping Guide Newspaper

检察日报 Procuratorial Daily

山东鱼台县人民检察院 People's Procuratorate Of Yutai Country, Shandong Province

河南省柘城县公安局 Police Office Of Zhecheng Country, Henan Provice

快乐购物有限责任公司 Happy Shopping Co.,Ltd

北京市昌平区新闻中心 News Center Of Chanping District

<心桥》杂志社  "Bridge" Magazine Of Teacher Union In China University Of Political Science And Law

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