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Graduate program

Graduate program for Journalism & Law

I. About the major

Journalism is a secondary discipline under the specialty of Journalism and communication. It is an applied social science that studies the formation, development and basic rules of all kinds of news and communication activities in human society. The research focuses on the relationship between journalism and human society, exploring the emergence and development of journalism and the basic working requirements under the environment of media technology.

This major is devoted to the interdisciplinary research between journalism and law. It focuses on theory and practice of legal news, network and new media, communication law and communication ethics. The major meets the frontier of media developments in China, and fully combines the resources of law in CUPL to enrich its multidisciplinary. It is also nourished by the  Research Center of legal news and Communication Law, New Media and technology research Center in Guangming School , which brings faculties, professors, qualified scientific research team and educational resources together. Now the Major has grown up to be a significant base to train high-level personnel of journalism, Communication and Law in China.


II. Research direction

1, The rule of legal news

2, Internet and New Media

3. Communication Law and Communication Ethics


III, Academic system and length of study

(1) Our program usually lasts is three years, and the duration of study at school is two to four years.

(2) Students who have completed the training plan with excellent grades and dissertations may graduate one year in advance once it is permitted by the tutors, school and the university.

(3) Students Fails to complete the program may quit in advance, pause the study or call for one year extension once it is permitted by the tutors, school and the university.


(4) If the student cannot complete all the studies within the prescribed maximum period, he/she will only be issued a certificate of completion without a master degree certificate.


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