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Undergraduate program

Undergraduate program of Journalism


I. Goals

This major trains journalism and communication professionals qualified for all research and practical works in the field. Students here will obtain a solid theoretical foundation of Journalism and communication who can systematically grasp the relevant skills in news, information collection, information processing, media production and so forth; Students will also be bestowed upon an extensive knowledge ranging from Humanities, social sciences to the basic of law. When graduated, one should have a firm and correct political direction and good ethics to follow the  principle of socialist journalism and the ability to engage in the work of news media, public opinion propaganda, publishing and distribution, cultural management or  research departments.


II. Requirements


(1) Specific requirements

1. Gain comprehensive academic ability, good legal awareness, ethical spirit, hard working and have a high overall quality.

2. Grasp the basic theories and skills of journalism and mastering the fundamental knowledge of law.

3. Master the skills as a reporter such as news interviews, writing, editing, commenting, photography, and program production;

4. Master the skills of social activities such as investigation and research, public relations planning, and have good public relations planning skills;

5. Have certain abilities to engage in media management;

6. Have good verbal and writing skills;

7. Have the capabilities for the conduction of preliminary scientific research;

8. Familiar with at least one of the foreign languages.


(2) Professional training :


Graduates of this major may work in newspapers, news agencies, radio stations, television stations, websites, photo agencies, advertising, public relations, publishing and distribution departments in the collection, editing and management of news, audio-visual and pictures, as well as in the cultural dissemination, management, teaching and scientific research of state organs, cultural organizations, enterprises and institutions, and educational and scientific research departments.


III. Duration of study

4 years of education, 3-6 years of schooling. One who completed the curriculum and credit requirements stipulated in this training program and pass the examination will be granted a Bachelor degree of Literature. .

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