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Guangming School students and faculties participated in China News Prizes and ChangjiangTaoFen Awards


On August 21, 2018, solstice 29, Guangming School faculty and students participated in the selection of the 28th China News Prizes and the 15th ChangjiangTaoFen Awards in Beijing. School's presidentShen weixing and professor Yin weizhi were selected as the judges. 11 graduate students including Pu yuxi, Liu weidong, Zhang peishi, Yu yuan, Cao tongyue, Xu xiaoyu, Liao zihan, Zhou yongyi, Jiang lize, Deng zhongcheng and Jun weiworked as assistants. This is the seventh time since 2012 that Guangming School faculty and students have taken part insuch activities

In the past ten days, Guanming School students have done numerous work ranging from data collecting and proofreading, meeting room assembling and equipment testing. In addition, theyhad to contact each participants who firstly engaged in the prize work in expect of informing the rules and the agenda in detail. Our students worked hardly to finish each task and won the praises here and there. Secretary Hu Xiaohanof China Journalists Association deliberately took a visit to the students, giving compliment and thanks for their dedicated work.

Witnessing the sections of Chinese greatest Journalists,Guangming Schoolstudents have gained a deeper understanding of the career of Journalism. Deng zhongcheng, a graduate student in the class of 2017, said: “This is a good opportunity to enrich my knowledge andbroaden my horizon.Although the period was hard, it was bittersweet, and it was also an unforgettable memory on my way to become a capable journalist .”

China News Prizes and tChangjiangTaoFen Awards were the highest awards for excellent news works and journalists in contemporary China, both were approved and supported by Chinese government and hosted by the China Journalists Association. China News Prizesiselected once a year, whileChangjiangTaoFen Awardsisbiennial.

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