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Li jianlin It's a pity to say goodbye to my Internship


Frankly Speaking , I have learned so much from my internship Legal Daily in these four months. In everyday routine, we not only wrote daily news but also set arrangement for the maintenance and updates for our websites. My job was miscellaneous but not in a mass. It required a great capability in news literacy and the Good psychological quality to take each burden.

Expect for doing my own work, I found that I could learn a lot from those experienced colleagues. Sometimes it was unavoidable to make contact with others who I am not acquainted with including journalists, leaders, judges, suspects and the list will go on. This made me fully understand the importance of social skills and I believe that this is the one of the most cherished experience that I gained from my Internship.

Moreover, I participated in the writing different types of manuscripts, including news, communications, and even helped the reporter station to draw up the regulations of China's Jural News Association. This makes the full use of knowledge that learns in University.

In addition, I also prepared for the review exam during my Internship. I had to thank my teachers in school and in legal daily who helped me a great deal when I was too busy to finish my task. When my Internship was over, I heard that my School and legal daily set a co- establishment project for further cooperation. I was quite delightful about this.


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