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Lu Zhen: My colorful days in Legal Daily


After two hours on the Changping Subway Line, I finally saw a group of beige buildings with "Legal Daily" on it. At that time, my exhaustion derived from the long journey was suddenly disappeared and I instantly spiritual up, running all the way into the place to commence this dreamful internship.

In several months, from the trembling check-in at the gatekeepers to confidentially waving my working ID, I have had strong feeling that I belong to this place. The gatekeepers, the director of human resources and my internship instructor, have gradually reduced their serious nods and have begun to give me a relaxed smile. Especially my Internship instructor, She was not as serious as I thought, on the contrary, she not only concerned about our working, but also care about our residence, transportation and even diet. Having acknowledged that we live on Campus in Changping, she provided a relaxed policy to allow us to come to work a little later. She also told a lot about her internship experience which provides us good suggestion in advance. This also brought me a number of that I cannot learn from School's class.


Everyday after working, we went back to CUPL in the same route,. Although the way back was long and our exhaustion began to emerge, I was still very happy about what I gain from Legal daily . It was the working, the people, everyone who helped me that my Internship colorful.


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