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For future journalists: " Forward with times and stand with truth "



Greetings!Today, in Beijing's most beautiful season, we solemnly hold the opening ceremony of 2018 freshmen of Guangming School of Journalism and Communication,CUPL. First of all, on behalf of theSchooland all the teachers, I would like to express my heartiest congratulations and warmest welcome to allof you.

Every year, a group of excellent students from all over China join CUPL with the desire to seek knowledge, truth, wisdom and reason. After four years, they go out with capability and good virtue that make them outstanding in the society. I am sure that each one of you is uniqute since you have wonNCEE greatly. In terms of intergenerational concepts, you are a generation with strong time marks. You are the first generation of Post-00 who have just started the university life. Compared with "80" and "90", you are different you are all born in the era of Internet and new media. Your pressure of study is heavier, and expectation from your parentsis stronger and the society you live in is more competitive

But I also want to warn you thatthe study inUniversityhas begun to change. Recently, the Ministry of Educationannounced thatstudy requirementshas become more strict and those who are not willing to catch up would be eliminated.I think this is good news for you, and it should also be good newssince itprovides a solidmotivation which also ensures the future success for everyone.

There are a lot of issues that I want to share with you,however,the important thing is to rememberwhatthe ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said, "Education is not to inculcate the mind, but to ignite the heart." College life is toinspirenot only your desire for knowledge, but also your enthusiasm for learning and interest in thinking.Now the new starting line isclear, long andfull of expectations.Try hard, and you will receiveagreat life change.

As thepresidentof GuangmingSchool, Ifelt a strongresponsibilityfor your education and cultivation. The news industry and communication pattern are undergoing revolutionary changes, which means that all of you have to bemore thoughtful, ambitious, pursuing and individualistic. We hope that your youth will flourish, yourpersonaliteswill be morepositive, your thoughts will be more open and your heartswill be richer. It is certain that four years of study will bring you a lot ofgood results and achievement. Chinese presidentXi Jinping often quotes an old saying: "we must learn broadlywith clear goals."Today, I want to send thisquoteto youand encourage you to work hard. The ancients said, "Oncethevirtuedoes not exist,anyphysical and intellectual developmentwould justhelp for evil". Thiswarnseveryone that virtue and talentmust be pursuedsimultaneously. Here, Ialso severalsuggestion for all of you:

First, we should have justice in mind and be an temperamentCUPL student. In CUPL we havesuch a saying: "the right sword of law is the balance of justice. In addition to the evil of the world, we must keep the sanctity of the law."This is the declaration offor everyone who enters CUPL.Needless to say, only by keepinga sincere heart can we truly become a great man and achieve a better self. I hope that through your four-year study of Journalismwould nourish the"justice"in your heartbecause news is the embodiment of justiceandjustice is the background of news. No matter what youdo in thefuture,the idea ofjusticewill constantlycultivate your wisdom and reason, courage and conscience.

Second, study hard and make yourself to beprofessionalnews worker.The foundation of knowledge is like a bow and crossbow.Guided by solid insight,we can use it more accurately and better. PresidentXi Jingpingsaid that young people should regard learning as their primary task, as a responsibility, a spiritual pursuit and a way of life. In my opinion, university is not only a place for thinking, but also a place for self-restraint. I sincerely hope that youalways keep yourdreamsin mindand strive tomove forwardwithoutanyregrets. At the same time, asa general manager ofGuangming Daily's, I can also tell that ourmotto is to"keep pace with the truth and the times". I hope that allof youwill uphold the journalistic spirit of journalism andbecome thetruth-guardianfor the society.As futurejournalists, you will becomepublic opinion leaders.In this way you have topay attention to the society,to the problems that not solved yet and tothe grass-roots levelwho needs great concern.

Third,build your characterto be a social person witha warm heat.In addition to giving high expectationsin learning, I also hope thatallstudents will "always cherish fraternity and do more friendly things"including respectingeachothers,keepingpeaceinmind,beingmodest,courteous, broad-mindedandreasonable. Ialsohope you will be calm in your future college life and be able to handle things with great atmosphere. This helps a great deal when youenterthesociety.

University time isyoung,positiveand happy. I hope you cherish it.The learning might beeasy,while becoming a successful one is not easy. Please bring yourgoals, yourenthusiasmand theexpectationsfrom your family to rebuild a morematureandprofoundself. I strongly believe thatthegenerationlike youwill become a new force in the transformation of the state and society in the future.

Thank you!

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