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2019 graduate enrollment begins now!


2019 graduate enrollment begins now!



Guangming School of Journalism and Communication, originated from Humanity school in CUPL, was established in July 2008. The School now has three research institutes including journalism, communication, network and new media. There is also a complex laboratory that serves all educational affairs .The School has seven open academic research spheres including Legal News Research Center, the Communication Law Research Center, Legal publicity Research Center, the Politics, Law and Public Opinion Research Center, Communication Research Center and media and Social Development Research Center. In 2013, the school set up the first "News Communication and Rule of Law Synergistic Innovation Center" in China with seven mainstream media companies.  

The School currently runs a doctoral program of political communication and graduate programs of Journalism and communication, which mainly enrolls graduate students in the fields of legal news, communication law and ethics, network and new media, political communication, media and cultural industry. In addition, there are also Master of Journalism and Communication (MJC ) (legal news and Network and Media) and Juris Maser(JM) of Law( Communication Law).







There are 36 full-time faculties including 9 professors and 12 associate professors in Guangming School. The School constantly strengthens the in-depth integration of Journalism and communication with the dominant disciplines of law and politics and focuses on the development with these unique advantages in purpose of training talents with strong spirit of law, solid knowledge of Journalism and communication theory and modern media communication skills to meet the practical and innovative needs in the society.


The School has abundant educational resources. It has established cooperation relationship with several mainstream media in Beijing including a all-media cultivation system that serves school learning and internship. The School also set up several grant-system that students who cannot afford his/her tuition fee. Guangming School has carried out international programs with 15 overseas universities for academic exchanges. 


I. Enrollment plan for graduates, 2019


1. Journalism (Legal news, Network and New Media, Communication Law and Ethics)


2. Communication (Political Communication, Media and Cultural Industry)


3. Juris Master of Law (Communication Law)


4. Master of Journalism and Communication (legal news , Network and Media Jurisprudence )


Entrance examination for graduates, 2019

Programs and directions


Maximum Numbers

055200 Journalism and   Communication


204 English( or one of   other six foreign languages)

334 Communication and   Journalism basic

440 Communication and   Journalism Comprehensive


01 legal news

02 Network and Media Jurisprudence

035101Juris master

101 Politics

foreign languagesfreely pick one from   seven)

398 Joint examinations   of Law(basic)

498 Joint   examinations of Law(Comprehensive)


01 Communication law

050301 Journalism

101 Politics

foreign languagesfreely pick one from seven)

781 Journalism and Communication(comprehensive   1)

881 Journalism and Communication(comprehensive   2)


01 legal news

02 Network and Media

03Communication Law and   practice

050302 Communication


01political communication

02   Media and Cultural Industry

二、Majors and Entrance examination

1Graduate program of Journalism and Communication

Guangming School began to admit graduate students in journalism in 2008. For journalism there are three directions: legal news, network and new media, communication law and ethics. For communication there are two directions: political communication and media and cultural industry. There are 17 tutors for the program, including 8 professors, 9 associate professors and 26 part-time professors.

Major code

Test subjects



Journalism and Communication

(comprehensive 1)

Communication theory60 scores)、Journalism theory60 scores)、History of Journalism30 scores


Journalism and Communication

(comprehensive 2)

News interviewing25 scores)、News writing35 scores)、News editing35 scores)、News comments25 scores)、public   relation and advertising30 scores

2. Master of Journalism and Communication



Master of Journalism and Communication, or MJC for short, mainly cultivates high-level personnel with solid theoretical basis and adapts to the practical needs of the legal news, new media industry and other related media field. Students who engaged in MJC are competent for legal affairs in the fields of network and media, government or judicial institutions, state-owned enterprises and institutions, social organizations and other relevant organizations or departments .They will be able to handle the work like news release, public opinion analysis, crisis communication management, public communication, etc. For MJC there are 9 professors and 12 associate professors.



Major code

Test subjects



Communication and Journalism   comprehensive

News practices 100 scoresmedia economies 20 scoresRadio and TV Practice 30 scores


Communication and Journalism   basic

History of Journalism 50 scoresJournalism theory 50 scoresCommunication   theory 50 scores


3 Juris Master program

Juris Master (JM) program was first carried out  in 2015 in Guangming School. This is a interdisciplinary program between communication and law which mainly focus on legal norms and practices in communication activities. It is aiming at cultivating one with rigorous legal thinking and complex knowledge background of law and communication who are proficient in legal practice in the cultural and media industry. There are 12 tutors, including 3 professors (including part-time professors), 6 associate professors and 26 part-time professors. This major requires national unified examination.



Subjects codes







foreign languagesfreely pick one from   seven)



Joint examinations of Law(basic)



Joint examinations of Law(comprehensive)




II. Registration and Notices


1. Registration time:


Registration time: October 10, 2018 to October 31, 2018, 9:00-22:00. The registration information cannot be amended if the application reaches the deadline.


2. Registration Website


Public web site: http://yz.chsi.com.cn

Education web site: http://yz.chsi.cn


3. Contact information


Address: Guangming School of Journalism and Communication, China University of Politics and Law, 25 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing. Consultation telephone: 010-58908474, contact: Ms. Liu



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