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Wei Liping : At Last


Wei Liping : At Last

As time goes by, my internship finally came to its end. Looking back on this time of period, it was the accumulation of ordinary days that made up my first professional internship unforgettable.

My intern began in Xinhua news agency. This is a place full of tension and seriousness, but also full of help and happiness. During this period, I also learned a lot from the internship instructor and other people who worked here. Since this is the first time I engaged in News practice, I have encountered problems than ever before. Fortunately, I have constantly received a lot of good advices and suggestion from the people around me. They pointed out my mistakes in time and directly, letting me clearly see my shortcomings and what to do to get improvement. There are also some students from other universities who commence their internships here. We  have become very good friends, which were also one of the important harvest of my internship.

At last internship is completed, I have still cherished the people, the time, the every piece of experience from that great time. howeverall these good memories will remain in my mind and became my life fortune.


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