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Graduate Program of Juris Master​


Graduate Program of Juris Master

Communication law


I. Introduction

Juris Master of Law (JM) is one of the professional degrees officially approved by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council in 1996. It has a clear orientation for legal career in legislation, judicature, administrative law enforcement and supervision, and other related fields like politics, economy, cultural media and social management where legal professions are required. In Guangming School JM program is carried out by combining Law and communication tougher, which trains training talents with interdisciplinary legal knowledge, competence and professional accomplishment. Those who are willing to involve in Legal careers in the fields of news media, cultural media enterprises, news agencies and cultural administration departments are strongly welcomed to this program

II. Objectives

The goal of the program is train legal talents to be professionalized in communication law with rigorous legal thinking, comprehensive legal practice, good professional ethics, and capabilities to work in related the media industry.


III. Requirements for admission

(1) Passed the National Unified the admissions test for Master's Degree and admitted by the China University of Political Science and Law

(2) Graduated from the National Education System with a bachelor's degree

(3)Working experience in news or media.


IV. Requirements for study

(1) The JM program usually lasts for three years.

(2) For students who have completed the training plan in advance with excellent grades and qualified dissertation may graduate one year in advance once get approved by the tutors, the School and the University.

(3) For students fails to complete the degree/graduate thesis after completing the credits may quit the program or extend their study to four years.

(4) If the student cannot complete all the studies within the prescribed maximum period, he/she will only be issued a certificate of completion without a  master degree certificate.


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