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Graduate program of Communication


Graduate program of Communication


I. Introduction


The graduate program of communication has begun its enrollment since 2012. It has been focusing on the frontier issues including political communication, commercial communication, cultural communication and media management in contemporary China. Based on the basic theory of communication, it integrates the theories and methods of politics, economics, psychology and management and particular experience with Chinese characteristics, providing academic and theoretical resources for the modern transformation of Chinese politics, commerce, cultural communication and media management.


II. Objectives

Specific objectives of this graduate program are as following


1. Have a good political consciousness and obey the law and social ethics.


2. Master the basic theory and professional knowledge of communication. Have a broad theoretical basis of Humanities and social sciences and be familiar with the operation mechanism of mass media, and have a strong academic ability in solving theoretical issues in the field. Master a foreign language proficiently.


3. Accumulating experiences and be competent in publicity planning, public relations, cultural publishing, media management, professional communication or other related jobs.  .


4. Good physical and mental conditions.


III Directions

1. Political Communication

2. Business Communication

3. Cultural Communication

4. Media Management


IV. Schooling System and Years of Study



1 (1) The program usually lasts for three years, and the duration of on-campus study is two to four years.

(2) For students who have completed the training plan in advance with excellent grades and qualified dissertation may graduate one year in advance once get approved by the tutors, the School and the University.

(3) For students fails to complete the degree/graduate thesis after completing the credits may quit the program or extend their study to four years.

(4) If one applies graduation before getting a degree, he or she must complete the training plan and deliver his or her dissertation, passing the original examination and get approved by the tutor, the school and the University.

(5) If a student cannot complete all the studies within the prescribed maximum period, he/she will only be issued a certificate of completion without a master degree certificate.


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