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Graduate program of Communication law and ethics


Graduate program of Communication law and ethics

I. Introduction

The program of communication law and ethics is an interdisciplinary subject between communication science and law and ethics. It is the first graduate program for communication law in China.

The program relies on abundant resources of law and ethics in CUPL, which brings a group of experts and scholars specialized in law, journalism ethics and media policy research together. This program also has strong connection to the government, judicial organs, industry organizations and news media. It highlights teaching and training to meet the practical needs in the fields like news communication legislation, communication law theory, media tort law, radio and television law, network law, regulation of media and judicial relations, news media policy, cultural copyright law, news ethics and news system reform. Since its establishment, this program has involved in participating regulations of the state, ministries, trade associations and media self-regulatory institutions, making great contributions to promoting the construction of the rule of law in China's news media and cultural industries.

II. The academic system and the length of study

The main research areas of Communication law and ethics are media policy, communication law and communication ethics.

(1) The program usually lasts for three years, and the duration of on-campus study is two to four years.

(2) For students who have completed the training plan in advance with excellent grades and qualified dissertation may graduate one year in advance once get approved by the tutors, the School and the University.

(3) For students fails to complete the degree/graduate thesis after completing the credits may quit the program or extend their study to four years.

(4) If the student cannot complete all the studies within the prescribed maximum period, he/she will only be issued a certificate of completion without a master degree certificate.


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