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PhD program of Political Communication


PhD program of Political Communication


I. Introduction

PhD program of Political communication focuses on studying of the structure, function, essence and skills of how political information is created, delivered and disseminated in social area. It is an interdisciplinary subject that combines political science and communication science together and reveals distinct ideological, practical and interdisciplinary characteristics. Its research fields mainly include political rhetoric, political propaganda, political attitudes and media effects, media and government, public opinion and the list will go on.

China University of Politics and Law has a disciplinary platform to support political communication program. There are three doctoral disciplines including law, politics and Marxism,  two post-doctoral programs including law and politics, and many other master disciplines which contribute significantly to political communication like sociology and public administration and psychology. A number of researchers from different fields have also made an excellent interdisciplinary team of political communication, which paves the way for conducting related research such as network nationalism, political identity, journalism and communication law, public security and network governance.


II. Objectives


Our PhD program trains high-level personnel who are interested in political communication research and practice. One who enrolls must fullfill the requirements below:


1. Has a profound theoretical literacy of Marxism, a broad vision of modern politics and the basic background knowledge of current political communication.

2. Experienced in China's political and communication system and has a strong policy analysis ability.

3. Systematically grasp the basic skills of political communication and media management in the era of new media. Has a good cultural background, language expression ability.

4. Be proficient in at least in one foreign language.


III. Research Directions


This program has two research directions:

1. Political communication theory. It mainly focuses on the theories and methods of politics, communication and sociology in purpose of studying the structure, function, process and patterns of political communication.

2. Political communication practice. It mainly focuses on practical issues in the field of political communication, including public opinion, strategic communication and national image, government propaganda and so forth.


IV. Schooling System


1. Full-time Ph.D. study usually lasts for 3-4 years in school and the longest period is six years. Those who fail to complete their studies in six years will be disqualified from graduation. Students who have completed the training plan in advance with excellent grades and qualified dissertation may graduate once get approved by the tutors, the School and the University.

2. Students should complete their courses within one and a half years and mid-term assessment should be conducted.

3. If one applies graduation before getting a degree, he or she must complete the training plan and deliver his or her dissertation, passing the original examination and get approved by the tutor, the school and the University.


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