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Undergraduate Program of Network and New Media




Undergraduate Program of Network and New Media


I. Objectives

This major is developed to meet the changing environment of the news and communication industry, aiming at cultivating new media and news communication professionals with strong foundation and ability. Students should have extensive knowledge in the fields of humanities, Social Sciences and natural sciences and become compound talent to work in the fields like  new media, public opinion, advertising and user management in enterprises and institutions.


II. Requirements

Students of this major should follow the underline requirements:

1. Have comprehensive discipline literacy, good legal awareness, moral integrity and healthy physiques .

2. Master the basic theory of news communication in an all-round way and be familiar with new media characteristics. Students should be able to operate large databases and information publishing systems and independently manage the text, audio and video, graphics and data in various media forms.

3. Have Internet thinking, strong action and creative capacities in cutting-edge information technology.

4. Master the basic skills of investigation and research and the ability to manage public opinion and public relation.


III. Main Courses

The Main Courses are divided into general courses, history theory courses, new media practice courses, data analysis courses, media ethics and law courses, new media economy and management courses. Including: Introduction to the New Media, Research Methods of Journalism and Communication, Introduction to Communication, Journalism Theory, Journalism and Communication History, Social Media, Network Psychology, , Network Public Opinion, News Interview, News Writing, News Editor, Data-Driven News, Multimedia Narrative, News Commentary, Documentary Production, APP Design and Development, Mobile Interface Design Accounting, information visualization technology, data mining and text analysis, public opinion analysis method and technology, laws and policies of news communication, Internet economics, new media marketing, etc.


IV. Employment Direction


1. Content production and edition adapted to the new media environment.

2. Brand, Marketing, Public Relations and Communication adapted to the new media communication environment.

3. Product Manager with coordination ability, market insight and technology understanding in the new media environment.

4. New Media User Management adapted to New Media Technology and Communication Environment.


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